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Character large Kadee
Kadee Worth's a big personality with an even bigger voice. When she's not jet-setting across continents performing as a pop princess, she's perfecting her "image" that's carefully controlled for her by a team of experts under her music mogul dad.
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Did You Know...
  • … The song at Kadee's Masquerade Party is called Masquerade and the rhythm of the song is by Robosoul and vocals is by Cid Fox?
  • Spoiler Alert; Lloyd was the only one out of his father and brother to change sides, evil to good?
  • … Kadee has a dog called Trumpet?
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Featured Character
Character large shawn

Shawn has an awesome ear for music and has been working as a rodie/sound engineer for a few years. He spots young and promising talent wherever he sees it -- even on the street. When he sees Charlie performing, he's struck by his skills and decides to help him cut a demo and get his career on the fast-track to fame.

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Rags News

"Up until now, the prince has always been the one to save Cinderella from a life of servitude under the control of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. But in Rags, KeKe's saving the day (and being saved) as pop princess Kadee Worth. She's rescuing the title character Rags, who's real name is Charlie, who wants to make a real name for himself in the music business. See if KeKe helped writers strike a balance with Charlie (played by Max Schneider), when Rags airs May 28 at 8 p.m on Nickelodeon tonight"

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